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Alamak Operators / Introduction

 What are Ops?

An Operator or Op is a paying member of the Alamak community who helps support the chatline and other services provided by Alamak.

If you are an Alamakian who wants to have some say in the chat, help to make sure Alamak maintains a clean and friendly atmosphere, have unlimited access, and get all the special commands and added features then you should become an Operator.

Ops get many extra commands and features that are not available to non-operators. For example Ops have reserved nicknames, can lock private rooms, use in-line graphics, grant other users to use graphics or color, post on the ops message board, administer the chat, use cmail, wait lists, freehome, and even save scores in CyberMyst! See the Op Privileges & Op Commands page for a list.

Ops help to maintain a clean and friendly chatroom. While Ops are not required to enforce the rules of the chat they do have the ability to kick and ban other users who are disrupting the chat.

There are many levels of operator. A new Operator starts at Level 1 and will advance roughly every month up until level 12. After level 12 it continues to increase 1 level every 3 months.

We will be adding even more non-chat related services hopefully to be completed by the end of Jul 2003. We won't mention them all yet but many people pay more for each of these other services individually than they'd pay for Ops on Alamak. As an Operator you'll get all of these services in one package plus the traditional Alamak Ops package!

 How to Signup

Ops can signup by Credit Card using the CC Ops Signup form and the account will be activated within a few minutes on all our servers. Or, you can send cheque or money order to one of our offices. Check the SnailMail Ops Signup page for more on how to apply by mail.

 What's if for?

Operator membership was created for two reasons.
  1. To support server improvments, upgrades, and network costs.
  2. To monitor the chat rooms so all users can enjoy friendly chat without being flooded or harrassed.
Alamak is free but we have to pay our provider every month for hosting and network traffic. To meet these expenses we provide Alamak Opertaors extended commands, add-on features, and extra services.

Operator subscriptions also helps to pay for servers upgrades, programming, and addition of new services! All services unless otherwise noted have been developed independently by Alamak with the support of Operators.

We have redundant servers and networks for reliability. We actually run 4 servers worldwide, more than you will get with any other web based chatline. These servers run on seperate networks in the USA and Singapore. If one goes down, you will still be able to use the other ones.

If you compare us with other web based chats you will find that we dont just offer chat, we have many added on services.

Alamak Chat has been running continuously since 1995, the first ever created, so you can be sure we're not going to accept your Ops payment today and shutdown tomorrow!

 What's the Benifits

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